Cancer and Radiation Damage - There is Help!

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Why do we have a scholarship program for patients with radiation damage?

There are two reasons.

The first is that hyperbaric medicine is the only method known to reverse the lifelong ongoing damages of radiation to our bodies. Yes that's the truth. Hyperbaric medicine (HBOT) reverses radiation damage. It's that plain and simple. HBOT reverses the collateral damage to bones and tissues from radiation. That's why Medicare, Blue Cross and Kaiser all pay for hyperbaric medicine after radiation when it causes ongoing damaged to bones and tissues. It will not cause an increase in any tumor or cancer growth. In fact, studies have shown that using hyperbaric medicine after radiation treatment causes a reduction in cancers returning.

The second reason we started the scholarship is personal. My mom had breast cancer and problems due to the late effects of radiation. It affected her shoulder causing deterioration in her rotator cuff, and she also suffered from pain due to the lymphedema in her arm. Hyperbaric medicine helped her tremendously. For people who don't have insurance or in the event insurance won't cover it I wanted to make it available to anyone who is suffering from ongoing radiation damage. The damage which will only get worse with time.

So radiation damage can manifest many years later. People can have bleeding from or in different organs, teeth that loosen up, difficulty swallowing or opening their mouth, skin that won't heal, or problems with their heart & lungs due to the later effects of radiation.

So let's not allow anyone to suffer like my mom did. If you think someone you know could possibly be suffering from the delayed effects of radiation give us a We'll help them steer through the information, answer their questions and make sure that if they need HBOT they will get it regardless of their insurance or their ability to pay. We will help no matter what. That's the good news. So spread the word and save someone from suffering.

In warm regards,

Lisa St. John
Clinic Director
BayArea Hyperbarics