Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: More Than Hot Air?

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You may have heard Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, (HBOT), has had a lot of people raving about how many problems it can heal. Issues like radiation injury, traumatic brain damage, bones that won't heal, tough infections, even toxic chemical exposure. All of these and more have been successfully treated with Hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Have you ever wondered why professional athletes like Brandy Chastain and Dan Skuda can be seen receiving care for knee pain or plantar faciitis at our facilities? Why did my mother use HBOT to heal after radiation and to relieve her lymphadema after breast cancer?

What makes this treatment effective for both sudden deafness and chrons disease at the same time? Hyperbaric oxygen therapy really does heal like that; your skin, your bones, and your brain. It's suprising and simple - HBOT calms inflammation and increases cell regeneration. That's right - it renews your body as it heals the damage. It also supercharges drugs such as antibiotics while detoxifying your body.

HBOT's biggest impact, however, is on inflammation and healthy cell growth. How does it do that? It reduces inflammation by down regulating or decreasing the expression of over 400 inflammatory genes. That means it helps:

  • diabetes
  • arthritis
  • brain inflammation and head trauma
  • pain from injuries and disease
  • and many others...

Bay area Hyperbarics can heal a person with diabetes who feels tingling or numbness in their toes? That's amazing - that without drugs we can set back the clock on many annoying aspects of painful diseases!

HBOT also speeds up healthy cell reproduction to heal bones, organs, skin and tissues. It rebuilds tiny blood vessels which have died from injury or aging. Once the blood vessels have regrown and feed the cells, hyperbaric therapy begins rebuilding both tissues and bones.

Because of this, HBOT reduces pain and swelling, gets rid of smaller wrinkles and brings back a healthier skin tone. It prevents scar tissue and fibrosis from forming, speeds healing after surgery, and helps the body break down toxins. It also speeds up recovery from sprains, broken bone and various surgeries.

Why do athletes use it? Why do cancer survivors use it? Why do moms, kids, and grandparents use it?

It's a beauty and anti-aging secret because it regrows the collegen and small blood vessels in the skin on your face and tissues all over your body. Some even say it helps their sex life as well! HBOT is a quick return from surgery and a reversal of damage done by aging.

It supercharges antibiotics and delivers oxygen as well as nutrients to hungry, starving, or idling cells.

When you see the long list of health, healing and rejuvenation claims made by so many people, you'll understand why that list looks so crazy long! It's because of the huge impact HBOT has on the fundamental operations of our bodies. Oxygen Heals without drugs and without pain. It's healthy and it works.