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Our Chambers

We offer monoplace (single person) hard hyperbaric chambers which afford you privacy and comfort. Roomy hard-sided Marine-Dynamic chambers are 9½ feet long, 42" in diameter, and 134" in circumference. These chambers are sizable enough to fit two people in the event a patient's medical needs require accompaniment in the chamber (i.e. a parent with a child).

In addition, we also have a clear-sided Perry Baromedical Sigma I acrylic hard chamber. The Perry's acrylic main compartment allows excellent peripheral vision during the treatment period.

All of our chambers are airy and light-filled and two-way communication with the technician is continuous. The spacious interiors increase patient treatment acceptance by reducing the likelihood of confinement anxiety.

Benefits of Hard Hyperbaric Chambers - "Soft-sided" or "Inflatable" Chambers DO NOT Provide the Same Benefit as Hard Chambers. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy provided in a hard chamber regrows bone and tissue in severely damaged areas of the body; soft-sided chambers cannot achieve these objectives. Treatment provided in a hard chamber is supported by thousands of clinical studies which validate successful healing when using a hard chamber. No such correlation has been made with soft-sided chambers and healing. Most treatment in hard chamber is recognized for reimbursement by insurance companies and the federal government. This is not true for soft-sided chambers. Hard chambers are made to go to pressures that heal; soft-sided chambers are designed to temporarily treat divers and mountain climbers in route to a hard chamber.

Soft-sided chambers, which are not used at Bay Area Hyperbarics, cause the undesirable growth of funguses and aerobic bacteria whereas hard chambers kill harmful bacteria. Soft-sided chambers cannot go past 1.3 absolute atmospheres and thus cannot heal like a hard chamber can. They are not approved by the FDA for HBOT use. They are built for emergency use and can give off harmful gases.

For additional information on hard versus soft or inflatable chambers, visit the following website: