Treatable Diagnoses

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy treats dozens of medical conditions, and is used to improve athletic performance and by many patients for anti-aging. Select an article to understand the power of healing that hyperbarics provides.

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Gangrene / Gas Gangrene

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy sends oxygen to previously oxygen-deprived tissue, and often prevents amputation.


Intracranial Abscess

Hyperbarics, along with antibiotics, typically heals intracranial abscesses.

Interstitial cystitis

HBOT decreases pelvic pain and urgency, improves voiding patterns, and increases functional bladder capacity.


Migraine Headaches

We have helped hundreds of patients living with Migraines to live virtually pain-free.

Multiple sclerosis

Many of our patients with MS find that regular HBOT helps them manage their symptoms.


Necrotizing soft tissue infections

Studies show that the introduction of oxygen-under-pressure often reverses and heals necrotizing infections.



HBOT improves survival, reduces overall severity, and decreases the extent of necrosis, in severe pancreatitis.

Parkinson’s disease

Clinical assessment scores for depression and anxiety often improve following HBOT.


Radiation damage to the abdomen and pelvis

We have helped hundreds of patients heal damage to their abdomen and pelvic areas.

Radiation damage to other bones and tissues

Hyperbarics heals wounds from radiation to bones and tissues and builds new blood vessels.

Radiation proctitis

HBOT has been shown to significantly improve rectal bleeding, diarrhea and rectal pain.

Retinitis pigmentosa

HBOT can help stabilize patients’ visual acuity, visual field, and ERG responses.


Severe anemia

Leading research shows consistent positive results for HBOT as a treatment for severe anemia.


HBOT delivers oxygen to marginal, ischemic wounds and accelerates wound healing.

Spinal cord injuries

HBOT decreases aptosis (cell death), reduces spinal inflammation and increases cellular regrowth in the central nervous system.


Thermal Burns

Hypoxic tissues surrounding burns can return to normal oxygen levels with oxygen administered under pressure.