Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as Medical Treatment

By Lisa St. John, M.S.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as Medical Treatment

In this blog, discover the growing benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a variety of medical conditions and how it may be the right choice for you.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy: The Future of Medical Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is quickly gaining traction in the medical field as a future-forward therapy. This innovative treatment involves breathing pure oxygen in a pressurized room or chamber.

The increasing acceptance and research around HBOT reveal its potential in managing more complex conditions. This includes treatments for serious infections, anoxic brain injuries, and wounds that won't heal due to diabetes or radiation injury. Join us as we dive deeper into the compelling world of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

What Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is a cutting-edge treatment that harnesses the power of 100% pure oxygen in a pressurized chamber through an oxygen mask. Enhancing oxygen delivery to bones and soft tissues offers a non-invasive solution for promoting healing and rejuvenation. The FDA, Medicare, and private insurance companies have approved various medical conditions.

How Does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Work?

HBOT capitalizes on oxygen's remarkable properties. Under heightened pressure, oxygen becomes more soluble in the bloodstream, facilitating its delivery to cells and tissues. This oxygen-rich environment triggers various physiological responses that enhance healing and support the body's natural regenerative processes.

In simple steps, here's how HBOT works:

  1. The patient enters a chamber that is pressurized with medical-grade air to increase atmospheric pressure, and is fed 100% oxygen through an oxygen mask.
  2. This pressure forces the oxygen to penetrate the skin and bones into tissue cells.
  3. Oxygen-rich blood flow enhances the healing process, stimulates new stem cell growth, and promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues. 
  4. The HBOT procedure is completed within two hours, with no downtime or recovery following the session. This depending on the patient, sometimes it is necessary to check the patients blood pressure, their blood sugar levels or help them clear their ears after the procedure.

Medical Conditions and Benefits

HBOT's potential reaches far and wide, offering benefits for various medical conditions

It has been used to treat conditions including:

  • Chronic wounds 
  • Traumatic brain injury and anoxic brain injury
  • Stroke recovery 
  • Decompression sickness 
  • Sports injuries and athletic recovery
  • Osteomyelitis (bone infection) 
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning

HBOT can also help improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and promote the development of new blood vessels. 

By providing oxygen-rich tissues and stimulating cell growth, HBOT can help accelerate wound healing, reduce pain, and restore tissue to its healthy state. It's an incredible way to support natural healing without intensive or invasive treatments.

Technological Advancements in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

The rise of HBOT treatment is largely due to the development of advanced hyperbaric technology. State-of-the-art chambers provide precise pressure control and advanced safety features. Rigorous safety measures and protocols ensure patients' well-being throughout the therapy. In addition, we have medical staff on site during treatment, as well as EMTs and Certified Hyperbaric Technicians (CHTs). 

Modern HBOT Chambers and Equipment

The modern systems are designed with safety and convenience. Today's HBOT systems feature powerful controllers that regulate oxygen flow and pressure levels, ensuring the exact pressure to ensure optimal healing.

Safety Measures and Protocols

Safety remains paramount in HBOT. Stringent protocols are in place to improve patient conditions, manage potential side effects, and maintain a secure treatment environment. They also offer oxygen monitoring and automatic emergency shut-off features. We follow treatment protocols recommended by the Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS), Medicare and the FDA.

The Future of Therapy

The horizon of medical therapy is undergoing a transformative shift, and HBOT is at the forefront. As research and understanding of HBOT's benefits grow, it's increasingly integrated into mainstream medical practice, offering patients new avenues for improved health.

Integration into Mainstream Medical Practice

The future holds exciting possibilities for HBOT. As its efficacy gains recognition, HBOT is being embraced by healthcare professionals as a complementary and standalone therapy, contributing to comprehensive patient care.

Embracing the Potential of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is rapidly emerging as a multi-faceted solution for various medical conditions. If you're interested in exploring the benefits of HBOT, it's important to talk with your medical professional. If you have questions, you can contact our medical staff, who can help you make the right decision about whether hyperbaric oxygen therapy is right for you or a loved-one.  

At Bay Area Hyperbarics, we are the longest-running independent HBOT clinic in the country and have helped heal thousands of patients. Our team is committed to providing compassionate care and personalized treatment plans to help you reach your health goals. Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about our services! 

Lisa St. John, M.S.
Lisa St. John, M.S.
Clinic Director and Founder

Lisa is our Clinic Director and Founder. She earned her Master’s degree from Harvard University, completed a Fellowship at Stanford University, and has spent the last 30 years working in the healthcare field.

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy as Medical Treatment

In this blog, discover the growing benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for a variety of medical conditions and how it may be the right choice for you.


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