Longest Running Hyperbaric Clinic in the Country

Bay Area Hyperbarics has provided physician-prescribed and evidence-based treatment of FDA-approved conditions for the last 24 years. 

Bay Area Hyperbarics has provided physician-prescribed and evidence-based treatment of FDA-approved conditions for over 24 years.

Over 24 Years
Our highly experienced physicians, nurse-practitioners and technicians have provided over 80,000 treatments since we opened our doors in 1998.

Pain-free. Non-invasive.
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is a painless, non-invasive treatment. Our patients often tell us they feel relaxed and alert after their treatment.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is approved by the American Medical Association, Medicare, the FDA, the Mayo Clinic, and most insurance companies to treat a variety of conditions.

Common Conditions We Treat

For detailed information, including research about a specific medical condition and customer results, tap on the condition below.

Refer a Patient


Refer a Patient

You submit patient’s information

As a provider, your office fills out and faxes back the Patient Referral Form. Have questions? Call us!

We get authorizations

We make sure the patient understands treatment and then follow the prescribed protocol to get the patient on the road to recovery!

Patient starts HBOT

Our medical staff meets with the patient to ensure that HBOT is appropriatre, and contacts Medicare or private insurance to receive authorization.

What Patients Say

Download a brochure for your patients or colleagues

Download a brochure for your patients or your colleagues to introduce them to HBOT and Bay Area Hyperbarics.

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What the research says

There have been hundreds of peer-reviewed and controlled studies showing that hyperbaric oxygen helps heal each of the conditions we treat. The research generally says that hyperbarics:

  • oxygen_icon Increases oxygen in tissues by up to 400x.

    This increased oxygen dissolves into hard-to-reach interstitial fluid, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluids, providing a greater opportunity for healing.

  • gene icon Beneficially influences gene expression.

    Decreases the expression of 4,000 inflammatory genes and those coded for cell death. Increases the expression of 8,101 genes coded for growth, repair hormones and anti-inflammatory genes.

  • improve cell icon Improves cell growth. Strengthens immunity.

    Stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in locations of the body with reduced circulation.
    Stimulates the release of stem cells.
    Strengthens the immune system.
    Increases superoxide dismutase, a free-radical scavenger, enabling the body to fight disease and infection.

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