Longest running independent hyperbaric clinic in the country

Bay Area Hyperbarics has provided physician-prescribed and evidence-based treatment of FDA-approved conditions for over 25 years

About Us

Bay Area Hyperbarics is woman-owned and the longest-running independent hyperbaric chamber clinic in the country. We have helped heal thousands of patients through HBOT in San Jose, CA.
Medicare & FDA Approved

Medicare & FDA Approved

HBOT is approved by the FDA and Medicare to treat 14 medical conditions. Our medical staff follows treatment guidelines from Medicare, the UHMS, and the latest research.
Painless & Non-invasive

Woman Owned

Bay Area Hyperbarics is woman-owned and the longest-running independent hyperbaric clinic in the country.
Treats over 20 conditions

25 Years of Expertise

With over 25 years of expertise, we have provided more than 80,000 patient treatments through oxygen chamber treatment.

Trusted Medical Partners

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We work with our Provider partners, and follow guidelines from the FDA, Medicare, AMA and the UHMS to determine the best treatment protocol for each patient.
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We have the clinical expertise you need. We have a Medical Director, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurses, and Certified Hyperbaric Technicians on staff.
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We are a fully staffed hyperbaric oxygen clinic that is open 5:30am to 8pm M-F, and 9am - 3pm Sat & Sun. We also treat urgent patient conditions evenings as needed.
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We can arrange urgent care for patients in need. We strive to get urgent patients in for treatment within 48 hours, and can at times get them in the same day.

What People Say About Us

Watch and read what our patients have to say about their experience with Bay Area Hyperbarics

What the research says

There have been hundreds of peer-reviewed and controlled studies showing that hyperbaric oxygen helps heal each of the conditions we treat. The research generally says that hyperbarics:

Increases oxygen in tissues by up to 1,200%.

This increased oxygen dissolves into hard-to-reach interstitial fluid, lymph, and cerebrospinal fluids, providing a greater opportunity for healing.

Beneficially influences gene expression.

Decreases the expression of 4,000 inflammatory genes and those coded for cell death. Increases the expression of 8,101 genes coded for growth, repair hormones and anti-inflammatory genes.

Improves cell growth. Strengthens immunity.

Stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in locations of the body with reduced circulation. Stimulates the release of stem cells. Strengthens the immune system. Increases superoxide dismutase, a free-radical scavenger, enabling the body to fight disease and infection.

Physicians: Refer a Patient

Refer a patient in three easy steps.

You submit patient’s information

As a provider, your office fills out and faxes back the Patient Referral Form. Have questions? Call us!

We get authorizations

We make sure the patient understands treatment and then follow the prescribed protocol to get the patient on the road to recovery!

Patient starts HBOT

Our medical staff meets with the patient to ensure that HBOT reverse aging treatment is appropriate and contacts Medicare or private insurance to receive authorization.

Download a brochure to learn more about HBOT

Download the relevant brochure to give to your provider or your family.

Latest Research in Hyperbarics

We keep you posted on the latest research in the field of hyperbaric medicine.


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