The Benefits of HBOT for Breast Pain Following Cancer Treatment

The Benefits of HBOT for Breast Pain Following Cancer Treatment

Most patients experience complications following lumpectomy and radiation for breast cancers. Patients often describe experiencing a persistent and intense pain in and around the breast, armpits, shoulder, neck, nipple, or even the back.

Some patients may even experience intense swelling, fibrosis (scar tissue), tissue death and skin other changes. Some patients further describe the pain as more of a tightness, tenderness, or a burning sensation that may manifest as an open sore or even general fatigue throughout their body. Unfortunately, according to many physicians, if not treated properly, this pain could last the rest of a patient’s life.

With that said, hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) has been proven as an effective treatment for cancer related pain, damage and fatigue. Whether the damage or pain originated from radiation treatments, chemotherapy or surgery, patients that get HBOT often experience profound relief. That’s because one of the biggest benefits of HBOT is that it halts ongoing radiation damage to breast tissue, bones, skin and often nerves. Additionally, it builds healthy new cells and regrows tissues, muscle, skin and helps to regenerate the nerves that have been damaged. No person should have to suffer when oxygen therapy is available to reverse damage, grow healthy new tissue and relieve fatigue. With HBOT, those recovering from cancer can feel like their old selves.
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How Hyperbaric Therapy Helps
  • Reduces pain and swelling
  • Builds new blood vessels and blood supply to health tissues and bones
  • Builds new collagen, skin and tissues
  • Mobilizes stem cells and kills infections
  • It is safe, comfortable and pain free

Patients’ Experiences

Joyce, 33
Regained pain-free arm movement and removed discoloration on her breast
Warm & friendly, Joyce had a discolored patch about the size of a silver dollar on her breast. It was pale skin in striking contrast to the rest of her breast which was a beautiful coffee color. She said the patch was still painful and she was not able to raise her arm above her shoulder. It just hurt too much. Thirty treatments of HBOT and she could swing her arm in every direction even above her head. The discolored painful patch had healed up and disappeared. Her skin was smooth and best of all it felt normal and didn’t hurt.
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Amelia, 72-year-old patient
Amelia, 72
HBOT regrew skin and layers of breast tissue where there previously was a hole in her breast
Amelia was a lovely and lively 72 year old poet and world traveler. However, radiation treatments from several years past had slowly destroyed the skin tissue and her underlying rib. She had had two different surgeons try to close the hole that had appeared beside her nipple. The skin was fragile and would not regrow.  She had 40 hyperbaric treatments, which regrew the skin and layers of breast tissue underneath.
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Mary, 54-year-old patient
Mary, 54
Her skin had worn away after radiation. HBOT grew her skin back
Mary was a grateful, passionate and dedicated nurse who loved playing the piano. Seven years after a double mastectomy and radiation without reconstructive surgery, Mary had a patch of skin on the right side of her chest that kept thinning. By the time we saw her, the skin had worn away, leaving a weeping patch of underlying tissue. The area was the size of her hand. She kept covered it with gauze and tape. It didn’t hurt but the dripping was annoying and it could get infected which was dangerous not only for her but her patients as well. Also, the patch was continuing to grow bigger as the skin cells continued to die. This was a side effect of the radiation. The skin grew back with 40 treatments. Mary was happily able continue her nursing career.
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Lisa St John, MS, Clinic Director, Dr. Jeffrey H. Kaplan, Medical Director. and Laura Jean RN, Director of Patient Care

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