HBOT Heals Traumatic Brain Injuries and Concussions

HBOT Heals Traumatic Brain Injuries and Concussions

Concussions and traumatic brain injuries (TBI) can cause a number of debilitating conditions with few treatment options. Fortunately, HBOT has helped many people. It is an effective treatment to not only alleviate symptoms and reverse brain damage.

Approximately 25% of patients with mild traumatic brain injuries (mTBI) suffer from ongoing problems. Without HBOT these problems can last a lifetime. Symptoms from concussions and traumatic brain injuries, (TBI) can include memory loss, sensitivity to lights and sounds, headaches, poor concentration, decreased processing speed, mood swings, anger control issues, sleep disturbances, dizziness, and depression. Often, patients experiencing post-concussion syndrome notice a difference in their brain-processing abilities as well as their moods. Fortunately, patients who undergo HBOT can find relief for their mood swings and slower processing speeds. These are often physiological issues caused by concussions which can often be healed.

But what causes TBI and concussions? They can be caused by sports injuries, an automobile accident, birth trauma, stroke, surgery, or in the case of military service members, blast injuries, in addition to many other factors. It turns out that the likelihood of experiencing these symptoms does not seem to be correlated with the intensity of the injury, and patients who experience intense symptoms often did not lose consciousness.

What does Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) do? It accelerates healing in the brain by delivering 400x more oxygen. This stimulates new growth in brain tissue that was damaged. Brain tissue that is starved for oxygen is called hypoxic tissue.  HBOT reduces cell death in nerve cells, which leads improved thinking and promotes neural stem cell activation and growth. HBOT also helps on a cellular level by stimulating recovery of the mitochondria, which are the power plants inside your cells that produce energy. This results in greater energy, alertness and healing.

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How Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Helps
  • Improves oxygenation to damaged tissues in the brain
  • Reduces inflammation in the brain
  • Oxygenates tissues by increasing oxygen and blood flow to idling brain cells
  • Stimulates tissue repair
  • Promotes stem cell reproduction and mobilization
  • Stimulates up-regulation of growth hormones

Patients’ Experiences

Shawn Dollar in Wet Suit with Ocean in Background
Shawn Dollar, 34
Fully recovered from concussion symptoms caused after a surfing accident.
Until recently, Shawn held the world record for the largest wave ever ridden. One day while surfing, Shawn had a major accident on the rocks. He broke his neck in four places and experienced significant traumatic brain injury (TBI). As Shawn said “I had suffered major brain damage.” His neurologists had no more answers on how to help him return to normal. As he said “before hyperbaric Oxygen therapy, I was a mess. I wasn’t myself, and was desperate to find a solution to the pain, the headaches, and the brain fatigue.” After only his first treatment, he felt an improvement; the effects were immediate. Shawn said,  “I could feel my old self coming back. I was aware that I was going to get better, finally.” In the end, Shawn attributes his full recovery from concussion symptoms to Bay Area Hyperbarics. He is surfing once again and continues to ride the big waves.
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Kevin, 18-year-old patient
Kevin, 18
Improved functionality was hampered due to injury caused while playing football.
Kevin had suffered several concussions while playing football. Previously a very good student, he found himself unable to attend High School classes. Instead, he lay most days on his bed in his darkened room depressed, unable to read, talk, or hang out with his friends. His parents were frantic. Kevin had tried prescription drugs and therapy which helped some with his systems. However, they did not eliminate the headaches, fatigue or improve his mood. They did not get him up and back to school. After HBOT, Kevin could attend school again and interact with his friends. HBOT made a major impact on on bringing back Kevin’s cognitive and emotional health and well-being.
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Mara, 3 months old
Gained the ability to sit up, which she was unable to do because of severe brain trauma at birth.
Mara had severe brain trauma at birth, so at 3 months old, her mom brought her into HBOT. She had a severely misshapen head, a tube in her stomach to feed her, and a tube to help her breath. Tragically, Mara's mother was told her baby would never recover nor respond like a normal child.  She had already returned to the hospital twice for complications with her conditions.  Mara's mother brought her in 5 days a week for treatment with HBOT. When Mara finished hyperbarics, her tubes had been removed. She could breathe on her own. She was able to eat and swallow food like a normal child. And  Mara was strong enough to sit up and wave bye bye when encouraged. The nurse in the Pediatrician's  office burst into tears of joy, when she saw the improvements in Mara's conditions.
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Lisa St John, MS, Clinic Director, Dr Jeffrey H. Kaplan, Medical Director. and Laura Jean RN, Director of Patient Care

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