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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Heals Sports Injuries

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And Improves Sports Performance

Hyperbarics (HBOT) has been shown to help heal not only primary sports injuries, but also secondary inflammatory responses in muscles, bones and brains. Many professional athletes use HBOT to decrease the amount of time it takes to heal from their injuries (by up to one half)

Professional athletes and the fitness minded are turning to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to help improve their sports performance and to achieve a rapid recovery from surgeries and injuries.

Injuries to Bones and Tissues

HBOT accelerates healing and regrows damaged tissue, blood vessels, muscles, ligaments and bone by delivering 400% more oxygen to damaged tissues.

Head Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) disable many athletes. It is estimated that up to 25% of athletes do not recover from their chronic neurocognitive problems. Fortunately, many recent HBOT studies of the brain with imaging reveal that HBOT significantly decreases swelling and inflammation, revitalizes penumbra angiogenesis, and mobilizes stem cells as an aid in healing traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Hyperbarics (HBOT) has been shown to help heal not only primary sports injuries, but also secondary anti-inflammatory responses in muscles, bones and brains. Many professional athletes use HBOT to decrease the amount of time it takes to heal from their injuries (by up to one half).

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Patient Experiences

  • Dan-Skuta-Pic-Patients-1

    Dan Skuta , 33, professional football player

    Recovered from foot pain and was able to play football again.

    Dan Skuta, former Linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, saw a 50% decrease in his foot pain after only one treatment, enabling him to play in the next game.

    This said, Dan’s big win was that after multiple treatments, his plantar fasciitis healed, so he could run without pain. This propelled his career forward, and he credits Bay Area Hyperbarics for his success.

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  • Brandi-Chastain-Pic-Patients-1

    Brandi Chastain , Olympic Gold Medalist in Soccer, 51

    Healed from knee pain and can now run without difficulty.

    Brandi Chastain, the hero of the Olympic gold-medal-winning USA women’s soccer team experienced such persistent pain in her knee that she woke up each night in pain.

    She had 4 previous knee surgeries. For the past five years, she was unable to sleep through the night. When she later became a coach, she needed to run all day, but her knee would balloon up like a ball. After several treatments with hyperbaric oxygen therapy, she experiences almost no inflammation. In short, her knee healed. She no longer wakes up at night from pain, and she runs all day without a problem.

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  • Daniel Cormier-Pic-Patients

    Daniel Cormier, UFC MMA World Champion, 40

    Hyperbarics optimized his performance before a bout

    Daniel came into Bay Area Hyperbarics barely able to walk due to an injured knee sustained during a bout. After just two hyperbaric oxygen therapy sessions,

    Daniel was able to run five miles the next day. He uses hyperbaric oxygen not only to relieve pain and heal faster, but also to supercharge his workouts just prior to his big fights. HBOT pressed the fast forward button on healing for Daniel Cormier.

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We get authorizations

We make sure the patient understands treatment and then follow the prescribed protocol to get the patient on the road to recovery!

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Research on Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

To learn more about HBOT, take a look at our FAQs.


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  • What is Hyperbaric Medicine?

    Hyperbaric medicine, also called hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT, is a medical treatment where a patient sits or lies in pressurized chamber and breathes 100% oxygen. In HBOT, oxygen dissolves into the blood, thus raising the oxygen concentration to very high levels.This increased oxygen is a primary building block for tissues, muscle, and bone repair. Among other benefits, it kicks off cell reproduction, heals injuries and infection more rapidly, and decreases inflammation.

  • Can HBOT help Neuropathy?

    Hyperbaric treatments help heal neuropathy by regrowing small blood vessels and nerves that have died from disease, injuries from radiation and aging. Patients often experience numbness and or pain when they start treatment. Hyperbaric treatments most often bring back sensation and make, for example, walking easier and more enjoyable.

  • Does HBOT kill cancer cells?

    Current research indicates that hyperbaric oxygen does not kill cancer cells. However, there has been a small amount of research indicating that hyperbaric oxygen might reduce the size of certain tumors. Also, there has been a study on mice using hyperbaric oxygen, along with a ketogenic diet, to reduce tumors. Hyperbaric oxygen causes many different healing modalities to kick into gear. Could its effect on strengthening the immune system inhibit the growth of cancer cells? Nobody knows. There are numerous studies conclusively showing that hyperbaric oxygen does not encourage cancer cells or tumors to grow. Some patients claim the hyperbaric oxygen makes them feel a lot more comfortable and functional after chemotherapy and also during healing. Note that some chemotherapy drugs are not to be used with hyperbaric oxygen, as the chemotherapy drugs can be enhanced and thus become toxic. A good hyperbaric oxygen facility (such as Bay Area Hyperbarics) will always call the chemotherapy manufacturer to ensure that hyperbaric oxygen therapy will be helpful and not damaging to the patient.

  • Why would a physician consider HBOT?

    A physician would consider using hyperbaric chamber therapy under a variety of situations. Physicians most typically refer patients to hyperbarics when the patient is not healing with traditional medical interventions and hyperbaric chamber therapy is approved by Medicare for this condition.

    Some patients experience significant unresolved pain and unremitting disease states that the mechanisms of hyperbaric oxygen therapy in a hyperbaric chamber are known to affect, such as the down regulation of inflamatory genes. For an example, some patients have experienced severe, unremitting hives with itching, which did not improve with any specialists interventions.

    Some physicians will consider hyperbaric chamber therapy if the patient has no other good avenues for improving their failing health, and they know the hyperbaric chamber therapy is safe and will not harm the patient.

  • What is the CPT code for HBOT?

    The CPT code for HBOT is G0277.

  • What is Hypebaric Oxygen Therapy?

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HB0T) is a medical treatment where you inhale 100% oxygen in a chamber with increased atmospheric pressure. HBOT injects 400x the oxygen into your tissues and bones and mobilizes stem cells. It regrows healthy tissues in the brain, blood vessels, skin and bones. It also reduces pain and swelling, and speeds recovery.

    It is simple, effective and painless.

  • Does Medicare cover HBOT?

    Medicare covers Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for approved conditions, and many insurance companies also cover approved conditions. If your condition is not approved by your insurance, we can discuss our special rates. Give us a call at (408) 356–7438. We are happy to discuss your options with you.

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